How Do Plumbers Make 6 Figures Without Working (Secret Business Nobody Will Tell You)

Are you a Plumber that struggle to earn a living or make more money doing your plumbing Job, I guess you want to know If you can become rich as a Plumber. The question is; do plumbers make 6 figures income.

Do Plumbers Make 6 Figures as salary?

Depending on your state/country, I can not tell if really some Plumbers earn six figures or become rich as a plumber.

Plumber makes good living from their plumbing Jobs and plumbing Company if they are licenced to have, but many really do not get paid as they want.

Plumbing is a very dedicated work and requires much intelligence to complete a project.

What Country Do Plumbers Make The Most Money

As stated above that how you make money is depending on your country and state, here are some country that pays the most to plumbers.

Do plumbers make good money in Florida = Yes,

Do plumbers make good money in Canada = Yes

Do plumbers make good money in Australia = Yes

Do plumbers earn good money in (United Kingdom) UK = Yes

But, where do plumbers make the most money in Canada?

Anywhere you work in Canada, United States or UK will definitely get paid well.

However, if plumbing do not pay you well as you want.

Consider finding a side hustle business why you build connection in your location.

Here are some Business that can make you Six Figure as Plumber.

If you are a Professional Plumber with many years of experience, That is good. As they are different plumbing tools, fittings and Plumbing Materials in different countries.

You can start a Coaching Program and teach others How To Become A Plumber.

That can be done face to face apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is a system for training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study. Apprenticeships can also enable practitioners to gain a licence to practice in a regulated occupation.

That is already too popular, I guess.

But here are other ways to Make 6 Figure as Plumber with your skill.

How To Make Money As A Plumber Online

do plumbers make six figures

Yes, it is possible to make money as a plumber online.

Here is a case study that will make you choose this method, The COVID-19 Lock Down.

People have to work remotely, and you can imagine the fate of Plumbers or other handy man that do plumbing work by travelling and in different locations.

You can make money as a plumber online through creating an online membership site to teach plumbing work and business.

Do Plumbers Make 6 Figures Teaching Plumbing Online

Yes! In fact,

If you have good experience on plumbing work and do not want to do plumbing work, you can channel yourself as a coach and make money online through creating premium courses and books for beginner plumbers.

Membership platform where you can teach your plumbing skill are YouTube (Member’s Only), LinkedIn, Udemy and SkillShare.

Those are good places to start with and grow your audience base with their traffic.

All you need is a Video Camera and Editor to assist you get a professional video.

These platforms are free to become Content Creator and Instructor.

However, there might be limitation on what you can do on these platform and some do take time to accept you as an instructor and get paid.

A quick way to make money from selling your course, membership program and books is having your own website.


You will say that you are not a programmer or web designer,

That is no longer a barrier, because you can now have your own website and manage yourself using WordPress.

Let me explain little more,

You can hire to create a membership site for you, If you are new to techy stuff on the web.

Make Money As A Plumber Promoting Other People’s Product

You can use Youtube videos to promote other people’s roduct and get commision when someone buys with your referral link or promo code.

Or you can start a blog like

In Conclusion, there are profitable ways to make money as a plumber online and offline.

If you have questions about this topic, ask in the comment below.

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